Electronic Magnification Products.

"Colourama-5" Full-Colour or B/W and Contrast-Colour CCTV.

Thumbnail Picture of Colourama-5

Desktop units magnifying text from a LOW 1.2 to 80 times, with an inbuilt 22-inch widescreen display.

At minimum magnification, a full-width view of a typical (A4) magazine etc is available without moving the tray left and right.

Full-colour picture and 14 contrast colours.

Automatic focus with focus lock. World-leading text-thickness control.

Familiar TV-style controls. Very slimline design positions the LCD display at the ideal height for viewing. The display tilts slightly back or forwards.

Picture masking (blinds) and rulers: 7 settings each.

Dimensions: width 650 millimetres (25 and one-half inches), depth 430 millimetres (17 inches), height 600 millimetres (23 and a half inches). Weight 13 kilograms (28 pounds).

Recommended retail price: 1780 Australian Dollars. Warranty: 2 years, return to dealer.

*****Refurbished units available at up to 50% discount, 6-month warranty*****.

Power requirements: 240 volts A.C. 50 Hertz, 80 Watts.

"Eye-C" Pocket-size CCTV.

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Portable CCTV magnifying text from 2.5 to 17 times on an inbuilt 4.3-inch (diagonal) screen.

Has a much lower starting magnification than most pocket CCTVs, so the user gets more on the screen.

Full-colour picture and 5 contrast-colour modes.

Image-freeze function for viewing items beyond easy visual range. Colour and zoom adjustable when frozen.

Price to clear (all new stock): 300 Australian Dollars.

Warranty: 1 year, return to dealer.

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